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Aparna brings people, and products closer to by creating content that engages the audience. In her unique style she addresses challenges, solutions, ideas, dreams, and innovations around every brand story.

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Who Is Aparna

Hey there,

You already know what Aparna does. We know that’s not enough for you. You wish to know more.

With a background in Commerce and Human Resources, Aparna gets both people and business.

She began her career in a client facing role, understanding customers. Having meaningful conversations, listening to their problems, and designing collaborative solutions to steer growth is her passion.

How did she get to this point? It all started with her ability to speak five languages. Being multi linguistic helps her connect and network. Further, it led her to becoming a community interpreter.

Meeting people in smaller groups limited her reach. She started writing blogs on various topics on her personal website and through ghost writing for others. 

Soon she saw the impact of influencing, teaching and interacting with the world through blogging. 

Thus began her storytelling journey and there’s been no looking back. In her five years of digital storytelling she’s worked with SAAS startups, local businesses, non-profits, and charitable organizations.

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